A birthing story

I've always wanted to capture a live birth. The strength it takes to actually create and then deliver A HUMAN is amazing to me. I still can't believe I've done it 3 times and if it weren't for the personal struggles, I would probably have already done it a 4th time by now. Anyways :-P My soon to be sister in law is a strong confident woman who allowed me in her delivery room to capture the moments my nephew, Wyatt, was born. It's taken me a while to make my post about baby Wyatt - and really I still don't have the words I wish I did. The day was long, momma Tabitha was tired and so was my brother, daddy Heath. I couldn't tell if my brother was anxious, nervous or excited. Possibly all of the above as the day trickled on. I wished that Tabitha could nap a small bit, but she couldn't relax quite enough. Wyatt was sunny side up for a large portion of the day - every time the nurse would check Tabitha we hoped and prayed he had turned. After many positions in the last few hours of the day - Wyatt finally turned himself and prepared his entrance.  When the pressure was built and the time came Tabitha,like a boss, took no more than 5-10 minutes to push this tiny soul out and into this big ol world. Wyatt cried, he puckered his lips, he cried some more. It was everything I imagined and more. It was beautiful. Watching my brother coach Tabitha as she pushed and then the praise he gave her for her strength was incredible, but the look on Heaths face - the smile he radiated, are moments I will never, ever, ever forget. Wyatt looks so much like Heath to me - big eyes, long lashes and a look of love and honesty. Heath and I are only 15 months apart - I feel as if I've loved him like he were my child my entire life. I am so happy for this new adventure in his life. I am so excited for the daddy man he is about to become (because everything changes once you're a parent). I REALLY can't wait for the day he realizes you choose your battles.. (lol lol) ANYWAYS! Here is my favorite session to date. The day my beautiful nephew Wyatt was born. 

wyatt 8.jpg