Huntsville Hospital Recruitment Rush

Y'all! I know a lot of awesome folks. A lot of "go getters", if you will, but since meeting my friend Ali, she has really  taken the cake. My girl dreams a dream, draws the picture and makes it happen. This week she had a huge event with Huntsville Hospital where she took 7 different departments, in which are hiring, and created a specific and creative setting room in their name. I.E. you had a Medical room, a Surgical room, ect. 

Since hearing about this event 7 weeks ago while doing Ali's hair, I knew I would not miss seeing her event in person if I were able. Just so happens yesterday was my off day, yaya! I convinced my amazing neighbor to ride downtown with me so I could run in for a "sec" while the kids sat in the car (I did this and prayed Tammy wouldn't hate me after... she didn't say it out loud that she hated me, but she also didn't come over for dinner as talked about LOL - Tammy if you're reading this, I love you forever). When I walked in, I knew it would be full of creativity and detail, but I didn't realize how much comfort there would be or elegance. Ali, of course,  killed the event - but we were all just in awe of how amazing it all came together. 

Ali plotted out each room strategically. She visited stores, created looks, drew a dream and made it come true. Because of Ali's amazing ability to create plus a little/lot of At Home, Brooks and Collier and All About Baby each room set the tone for the event. The event that invited well over 500 and had 300 RSVP's! I got there before the complete set up, so we are missing the food that I'm sure was amazing and the photo booth that I'm sure was so fun! With those few details added I know if I were in the medical field this would have been a must attend event! My personal favorite rooms are Medical, OR and Women's and Children! Which one is yours?!

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