A newborn lifestyle - Jolee Mae (#8)

I'll never forget driving up to Chelsey and Jake's home 2 and a half years ago for their first borns newborn session. I think it was my 3rd ever... I was so nervous! But when I walked in, there were cousins, her sister in law and her mother in law - cleaning that house spotless! I remember the warmth of welcome and the slight jealousy of how smart those women were in their way of helping Chelsey and Jake in there moment of change - their new season of life.

 I'm always very honest with people on my staged/studio look when it comes to newborns.. Really, it's just not my style and that's ok (as long as both parties are on the same page). I didn't know "lifestyle" would end up being the term used for my newborn style, but I'm ok with it because it's exactly what it is. Life. This is home. This is your room - our mess - our life.

Although we all know I told Jake, Chelsey and Charlee to sit down, all together in this particular spot, but before that, they were basically already in this position. We were talking life and trying to figure out what the walls would look like with a few more decor items up, as Chelsey swaddled up Jolee Mae and Charlee watched. All in awe of the newest member... Memories rush back to me of sitting in the floor with my newborn babies, in their rooms, with a little bit of white noise and their dreaming face in my arms, I love those moments most. The first few days of unexplainable joy and contentment.

There is something different about being home in these first few moments of change and life. These moments that Jake and Chelsey will remember and discuss... "We had only been living in that house for a few months!" or "This is the home we brought you to x years ago...". I loove seeing old pictures of the home I grew up in. Or what about pictures of my family and I at my mamaws house! Those, I swear, I can smell the air when I look at them!

In this home memories will be made. Stories and secretes - laughter and tears. The best of friends will come to know one another as sisters and we can only hope their bond never breaks. 

One day... they'll say look at the house! 

They'll say "look how little we were!"...
One day, they'll say "look how young dad was!"
One day they'll say to a little body sitting next to them,
"that was my mommy..." 

I'm so thankful for that year of photographing Charlee and becoming friends with the Herrera's. I can't wait to watch their newest edition Jolee Mae grow along side her beautiful big sister. Thanks for letting me capture your life and trusting me with your memories, Chelsey and Jake. You'll never regret it. 

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