A birthing story

I've always wanted to capture a live birth. The strength it takes to actually create and then deliver A HUMAN is amazing to me. I still can't believe I've done it 3 times and if it weren't for the personal struggles, I would probably have already done it a 4th time by now. Anyways :-P My soon to be sister in law is a strong confident woman who allowed me in her delivery room to capture the moments my nephew, Wyatt, was born. It's taken me a while to make my post about baby Wyatt - and really I still don't have the words I wish I did. The day was long, momma Tabitha was tired and so was my brother, daddy Heath. I couldn't tell if my brother was anxious, nervous or excited. Possibly all of the above as the day trickled on. I wished that Tabitha could nap a small bit, but she couldn't relax quite enough. Wyatt was sunny side up for a large portion of the day - every time the nurse would check Tabitha we hoped and prayed he had turned. After many positions in the last few hours of the day - Wyatt finally turned himself and prepared his entrance.  When the pressure was built and the time came Tabitha,like a boss, took no more than 5-10 minutes to push this tiny soul out and into this big ol world. Wyatt cried, he puckered his lips, he cried some more. It was everything I imagined and more. It was beautiful. Watching my brother coach Tabitha as she pushed and then the praise he gave her for her strength was incredible, but the look on Heaths face - the smile he radiated, are moments I will never, ever, ever forget. Wyatt looks so much like Heath to me - big eyes, long lashes and a look of love and honesty. Heath and I are only 15 months apart - I feel as if I've loved him like he were my child my entire life. I am so happy for this new adventure in his life. I am so excited for the daddy man he is about to become (because everything changes once you're a parent). I REALLY can't wait for the day he realizes you choose your battles.. (lol lol) ANYWAYS! Here is my favorite session to date. The day my beautiful nephew Wyatt was born. 

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Huntsville Hospital Recruitment Rush

Y'all! I know a lot of awesome folks. A lot of "go getters", if you will, but since meeting my friend Ali, she has really  taken the cake. My girl dreams a dream, draws the picture and makes it happen. This week she had a huge event with Huntsville Hospital where she took 7 different departments, in which are hiring, and created a specific and creative setting room in their name. I.E. you had a Medical room, a Surgical room, ect. 

Since hearing about this event 7 weeks ago while doing Ali's hair, I knew I would not miss seeing her event in person if I were able. Just so happens yesterday was my off day, yaya! I convinced my amazing neighbor to ride downtown with me so I could run in for a "sec" while the kids sat in the car (I did this and prayed Tammy wouldn't hate me after... she didn't say it out loud that she hated me, but she also didn't come over for dinner as talked about LOL - Tammy if you're reading this, I love you forever). When I walked in, I knew it would be full of creativity and detail, but I didn't realize how much comfort there would be or elegance. Ali, of course,  killed the event - but we were all just in awe of how amazing it all came together. 

Ali plotted out each room strategically. She visited stores, created looks, drew a dream and made it come true. Because of Ali's amazing ability to create plus a little/lot of At Home, Brooks and Collier and All About Baby each room set the tone for the event. The event that invited well over 500 and had 300 RSVP's! I got there before the complete set up, so we are missing the food that I'm sure was amazing and the photo booth that I'm sure was so fun! With those few details added I know if I were in the medical field this would have been a must attend event! My personal favorite rooms are Medical, OR and Women's and Children! Which one is yours?!

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Quinn , newborn baby girl

Lindsey messaged me in November about expecting her 3rd baby - she had two boys at home, but they were expecting their first girl close to Christmas. She wondered about timing and cost and all things in between... I sold myself short, as I often do... (character flaw, I'm working on it) and we didn't talk again. 

A couple weeks passed as I started to think about my year in review and I looked back on some newborn pictures I had taken... My confidence being built back up,  I emailed Lindsey and confessed my guilt for talking myself down and I wanted to book her if she were able and still wanted me. How grateful am I that she hadn't found another photographer! She said she would let me know...

I didn't hear from her for a few weeks... And then, a message on facebook! 

"Hi Sarah! I know this is a long shot because it's so late, however I was wondering if there was anyway you could do a newborn session for me? My daughter was born on Sunday (Christmas Day)"

"WHAT! YESSS!! YAY!! OF COURSE!! Like, duh. I'm so excited!" --- She trust me with her newborn session!

When I first got to Lindsey's house I was amazed at how neat everything was! She just had her third baby! I, myself,  can remember the chaos and obnoxious mess right after we had our 3rd. Well, my mom was there to help the first two weeks - by the 3rd week, S was hittin' the fan.... Literally, possibly. I thought to myself, her mom must have been here - I forgot to ask if she had any help... 

When I got to work the next day - a fellow hairstylist came up to me and reminded me that Lindsey's her client! We talked of how we love her and how sweet baby Quinn is when Brittany, my co-worker, says "Her mom passed away a few years ago, they named their baby girl after her.".... what? I immediately remembered Lindsey's smile, her clean floors and her patience... "SHUT UP!"- I said to Brittany... We talked about how sad that made us and how proud her momma would be as we parted ways. I couldn't stop thinking about Lindsey...again. Her smile... not one ounce of sadness, though it's been years, and maybe it wasn't "one of those days", it doesn't matter! Her smile... it was pure happiness, so genuine. Y'all, her patience! Mind you she has two older boys... and they were playing games on the ipad and you know how you feel when you loose a game..(!!) She just smiled the entire time. I thought of how proud I am of her! Some mommas can't help but stress, but she never batted an eye. Go momma, go!

Today I finished Quinn's newborn session and I couldn't help but ask to say some things about Lindsey's mom. I know I don't know her personally - but I know how proud I would be to speak about my own mother. I also know how it would make my mom cry happy tears to see me doing well. I know she would be proud of the woman and mother I had become. She would miss me, like I would miss her. 

She was the most kindhearted, thoughtful, selfless person I've ever known! She was my biggest supporter, my. #1 fan... and my best friend! She was a fighter and never let having breast cancer stop her from doing anything!... No one EVER had an ugly thing to say about her...She was just awesome. She was only 51 when she passed... She never really told me how bad it was because that was just like her, she didn't want anyone feeling sorry for her or to worry about her! I got to come home and spend the last two months with her before she passed on December 7th, 2005. My dad and mom were high school sweethearts...they were married for over 30 years...She never got to meet Bradley, my kids never got to hear her voice...My mom loved,loved,loved Christmas. She passed away right before Christmas in 2005, it's always put a little sadness in the day for me, but Quinn was born on Christmas day 2016!..We know she is at peace in heaven with Jesus and that gives me comfort. Most of the time (now) I only have happy memories but not having her around with my kids is BY FAR the hardest part. I just hope that I can be half the mom she was and that I'm making her proud! "    - Lindsey          

Lindsey with her momma circa 80's

Lindsey with her momma circa 80's

I couldn't imagine anyone being more proud of you than your mom, Lindsey. Your grace and welcome - your joy and compassion... It's written all over your face. The love your husband and children have for you radiates throughout your home. It's something so many hope for! I can't even IMAGINE how proud your father is of the woman you've become. I'm sure in ways you've probably helped him, too. I hope to watch Quinn grow - I hope she favors your momma and I hope you never loose sense of her being around. 

I can't wait to visit you and your sweet family again!  <3

So glad we reached out to one another - even if I was way unprofessional and you last minute - lol -  you were a blessing in so many more ways than I realized at the time. You're one  inspiring, momma. <3

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A newborn lifestyle - Jolee Mae (#8)

I'll never forget driving up to Chelsey and Jake's home 2 and a half years ago for their first borns newborn session. I think it was my 3rd ever... I was so nervous! But when I walked in, there were cousins, her sister in law and her mother in law - cleaning that house spotless! I remember the warmth of welcome and the slight jealousy of how smart those women were in their way of helping Chelsey and Jake in there moment of change - their new season of life.

 I'm always very honest with people on my staged/studio look when it comes to newborns.. Really, it's just not my style and that's ok (as long as both parties are on the same page). I didn't know "lifestyle" would end up being the term used for my newborn style, but I'm ok with it because it's exactly what it is. Life. This is home. This is your room - our mess - our life.

Although we all know I told Jake, Chelsey and Charlee to sit down, all together in this particular spot, but before that, they were basically already in this position. We were talking life and trying to figure out what the walls would look like with a few more decor items up, as Chelsey swaddled up Jolee Mae and Charlee watched. All in awe of the newest member... Memories rush back to me of sitting in the floor with my newborn babies, in their rooms, with a little bit of white noise and their dreaming face in my arms, I love those moments most. The first few days of unexplainable joy and contentment.

There is something different about being home in these first few moments of change and life. These moments that Jake and Chelsey will remember and discuss... "We had only been living in that house for a few months!" or "This is the home we brought you to x years ago...". I loove seeing old pictures of the home I grew up in. Or what about pictures of my family and I at my mamaws house! Those, I swear, I can smell the air when I look at them!

In this home memories will be made. Stories and secretes - laughter and tears. The best of friends will come to know one another as sisters and we can only hope their bond never breaks. 

One day... they'll say look at the house! 

They'll say "look how little we were!"...
One day, they'll say "look how young dad was!"
One day they'll say to a little body sitting next to them,
"that was my mommy..." 

I'm so thankful for that year of photographing Charlee and becoming friends with the Herrera's. I can't wait to watch their newest edition Jolee Mae grow along side her beautiful big sister. Thanks for letting me capture your life and trusting me with your memories, Chelsey and Jake. You'll never regret it. 

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