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PC: Pinterest

Unedited/Unfiltered photo from 2014 with a Canon 6D of my oldest, Piper. She wanted to go outside in the snow... but didn't want to put on a jacket. 

PC : pinterest 

PC : pinterest 


Who has a camera and has no idea how to use it? Lots of us.
We've all been there and let's be real - the manual is long. The camera has A LOT of options and really, you just want pretty pictures, everyday, of this life, right now, that's so beautiful. It's just like when you go get your hair done at the salon- "I wish I had enough money to hire you to do this EVERYDAY!" Well, I feel the same way about my camera. I wish someone were there to see this life that is so abundant in color and flavor, and capture it the way I see it! That's what this class is for. For those moments when everyone is in their PJ's- hot coffee breath and love. This is not a group for someone who seeks to be a professional photographer. However, it might pinch a bug in you that causes an infection where you want to learn more. If that's the case - we can set up one on ones lessons (I would love that!) I've created a group on facebook (add yourself!) to help with dates or questions we might all have at any given time.

What you'll get from this class : 

  • A good time ( +doughnuts :) )
  • A printed phamplet of the everything, so you don't forget anything!
  • How to use your camera in Manual
  • You'll try a couple different lenses for your camera
  • One on one help with questions you have. 
  • How to readjust the numbers and what they mean.
  • Photoshop and Filters
  • One printed image (keep reading...)


How this class will be different

Here's the deal guys... You can go to a class, you can learn a bunch of stuff, you can take a few pictures of a lamp and see the difference in this light vs the light, but we are talking about capturing moments of wild hair'd little animals aka children. They move fast! Eventually, they realize what's happening when that big ol' camera is in your hand and they think it's funny to run away (can not even deal sometimes). SO! I want your babes to come meet us! I want your husband/grandma/grandpa, who ever is watching the little one, to bring them up to Small Cakes Huntsville at the end of our class. There will be plenty of space for us to move and groove. In this moment, the frustrations you might have had before - we can try and figure it out as your kiddo purchases a cupcake! (How cute?!)  You can jot down a note on your pamphlet and boom, you'll be figuring it out in no time. ALSO, note that I said Small Cakes - totally the best bribery I've ever heard of. One finger in the air as I say, "Act right, kid, and you get a cupcake!" muahaha, one day they'll realize it's all a game to insure mommy gets what she wants! Until then, bribery it is. :-P I, too, would love to snap a shot of you and your babes - maybe even eating a cupcake together.  :)

Not a mom, but still want to learn?

AWESOME! I would love to have you! Please, feel free to sign up! I'm working on various locations for this instence. 

+ investment :

When? March 25th
Time? 8:30 am - 11 am
Where? The cutest little spot over Cecil Ashburn - Small Cakes ! ...nomnomnom
Investment? $250.00 

Claim your seat in the month of February and we will waive your $50 deposit - shoot me an email! 

I would love to talk more if you have any questions. I am so excited about this opportunity and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! Please, head over to the "contact" slide and shoot me an email!