I once photographed a wedding where, before walking down the isle, the bride sprayed a new perfume on herself proclaiming it to be her wedding day scent. Curious, I asked what brought that about. She then explained that scent is our longest memory and when her husband or she were to smell this scent again, she wanted it to remind them of their wedding day. I can't explain how much I loved this. I immediately ran out and started smelling everything. Magazine perfume ads, Belk counters - smelling through the migraine I gave myself of Bath and Body works... But really, when I smell scented markers I am immediately back in 1st grade at Rockvale Elementary. Coloring a picture on a hardwood desk. Ew, or what about the scent Curve?! OMG - every cute guy I ever crushed on - with their braces and popped collar cross my mind. I want a scent for my girls to remember! I want a scent like the scent my mother had - not the exact one - but the one that jars my memory straight back to her running her fingers through my hair until I fell asleep, Her in the kitchen with shoulder pads and big purple glasses, Her picking me up from school and taking me to work with her. I'm hoping for this to be one of my best years yet and I want to remember it. I want my girls to remember me in this year and the years to come. I want a special scent!