Catch up & Wanderlust

Catch up first, please...

To say the last few months have passed me by is an understatement. I have been working harder than I have ever worked! I have booked a record breaking amount of sessions/weddings. I have had my best months in the salon and I've learned A LOT thru Kuene (my new color line at the salon)! I feel like I've become a better entrepreneur over the past 5 months and it feels awesome! I'm proud of myself and that in itself is huge! 
SO, over the past 5 months I have shot 60 sessions, visited Europe with the hubbs, celebrated my middles 4th birthday, celebrated my 29th birthday, my dad turned 60 and my brother had a baby!! And.... I found potential commercial property, I MADE AN OFFER.... My offer was ACCEPTED!! However, there is a little gray to this excitement. I'm under contract with contingency on two possible deal breakers. Variance on the property-  (I do this on May 16th at 6:00 come support me!!)! If you aren't sure what variance is let me break it down in layman's term. Commercial property is set up into different categories based off of where the property is located. Areas are broken down into letters and numbers I.E.-R2b, R2C ect.- something like that. In order to have an office  you need to be zoned R2B, in order to have a salon you need to be zoned R2C. If you find that you are in a commercial zoning that is already R2B, but you need it to be R2C - you apply for variance, show up on a certain day and go before a group of people who will tell you YAY or NAY on your proposal. So.... yea. That's happening on the 16th at 6:00. Next, the loan I've applied for can take 2-3 months before it's approved and ready. Yeah, but - well, I'll tell you more about that once it's approved. :-P
SO, now you know what's'a'goin'on... soooooo I'm gonna need you to send me all the prayers, juju and holy water you got! I'm feeling pretty confident, but these last two steps are crucial in the dream coming true. I would say more, but really y'all, I'm too scared I'll jinx myself! 

Did I mention we went to EUROPE?! Y'all... Google those flights. If you are dying to go somewhere GOOGLE those flights. One day our friends Randy and Janna messaged a group of us showing off their new pad in the middle of Germany. After watching the video I asked what airport we would fly into, "Frankfurt", I went to the computer - googled the flight and found ROUND TRIP TICKETS for $450 using Delta. Out of Huntsville (The most expensive airport in America.....).  5 hours later the tickets, round trip, were back up to $1,200. After that, Dave called up Nana and asked if we were to have the opportunity again if she would be willing to come watch the girls. Since being the best Nana in the world she pro-claimed "Of course!!" and our search began. Daily we googled flights until it happened again $500 round trip tickets out of Huntsville - on my birthday - to Amsterdam! Duh, let's do this! We can worry about our stay and all that jazz later- LEZZDOITTT! So, we did! And then we decided we would land in Amsterdam - train to Brussels, stay at the cutest AIRBNB in the city - train the next day to Germany where we stayed with our friends Randy and Janna- see a glimpse of France and the Rhine River before catching an hour flight back to Amsterdam for the weekend. It was quick, it was beautiful, it was fun, it was perfect. 
I'll start you off with Brussels here and then add another post for Germany, France and Amsterdam! 

bru 7.jpg
Manneken Pis (little boy to the left and little girl to the right)&nbsp;

Manneken Pis (little boy to the left and little girl to the right) 

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bru 17.jpg
bru 18.jpg
Our view from out window before calling it a night. &lt;3&nbsp;

Our view from out window before calling it a night. <3