My middle little turns 4

Today my middle turned 4! The age isn't large, but the pace at which the time has passed is wicked. Especially when I feel like I've known Emerie my entire life. The connection I have with this tall and slender child is pure and almost more than I can bare at times. She is selfless, kind and gentle... Along with hardheaded, funny and smart. She writes with her left hand and catches on quickly to anything you put in front of her. She is perfect to me in every way... I want to bottle her up... A couple weeks ago, while laying down with Emerie, she grabbed my face and whispered in my ear "mommy...I never want to grow up...". As I lost it, I whispered back "me either...". In those moments her life, from start to finish, rush my memory and I beg my soul to never forget. 

Emerie - 12 months old

Emerie - 12 months old

Emerie was only 6 months old when we found out we would be expecting our third child. And from then on, life got a little fuller. To say Emerie had a 1st birthday party comparable to Pipers (my first) is just ludicrous. I think over 50 people showed up to Pipers first birthday...I barely invited 15 to Emerie's... We had spaghetti for Marlo's 1st birthday and called it a night. Things are crazy around here most days and it's hard keeping up when, really, I just want to see you happy. I love the details and the themes - decor and the creativity (like, I love it a lot lot....) But is this what they asked for?What do they like... What would THEY love? You know, what makes THEM happy??  I want to do that, whatever that is! And in Emerie's case - she knew exactly what would make her happy...

Since before Christmas Emerie has been telling Dave and I she would like an airplane. "A real one... A big one!" So, Christmas came and went - my brother got her a spaceship and she loved it, but with her birthday around the corner she started back with wanting an airplane. SO, what's a mom to do? Go to Target... duh. I go to Target, I'm searching for an airplane and I'm trying to think with her little mind when I come across a drone toy on clearance! It flys!! We'll call it a plane and  the fact it's on sale. WORD! Let me scoop this on up! Next, I find an airplane kite - YAS. And it's vintage style- wordy-word-word! But then I think to myself... Wait, Dave's a pilot... He has pilot friends.... They own planes... Let me get on my text message game. We call a few people - but no luck. Planes are due for testing, maintenance - something.  Meh. But then, Aha, Dave says let me call the Huntsville Airport flight team, or something like that - and see what they offer... He calls and guess who's running a special for a 45 min aerial tour and didn't mind taking up a 4 year old and her old man?!? You win Revolution Flight !  Word.To.Your.Motherrrrrrrr. From then on I couldn't wait for February 13th!!

The day couldn't be more beautiful - the sky couldn't be more clear! I woke up anxious, afraid the clouds would still be hanging low with a mixture of humidity. All of these things that could cause us NOT to go up. But today was perfect! Dave flew with Emerie and actually landed the plane! I have all moments leading up to take off posted below - Dave took a video of Emerie at take off and she had fallen asleep (lol) He tried to wake her up, but as you can tell - the plane was her comfy spot and her eyes were heavy. Emerie always has a light about her, but today it was beaming. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help create memories in my children's life. I hope they know how much they mean to me. I hope they know it's all of for them. 
I love my babies... <3 Happy Birthday to my Emerie August. 

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