2016 in review

What an incredible year! Thank you so much to everyone who made this year possible. Remind me to never wait until December 31st to try and make these collages again. :-|

 Picking my favorites of each session was too hard. I always have too many favorites, I love to share them all with my clients. I know they appreciate that, but also feel slightly overwhelmed ((mybad)) from receiving so many images. While reviewing all of these awesome memories I'm gonna have to say the homecoming of Bruce still takes my breath away. I'd always dreamed of a homecoming and when I dreamed my dream it went just as this day went. Tears, laughter, chill bumps, SOOO many people, all screaming and hallering as the men marched in sync.{ Thank you to Bruce and all others serving this amazing country we call home. Me and my family are proud to believe in and know you. } OH it was incredible! (Hence to anyone having a homecoming in 2017!!) Another awesome memory I came across is that of my sweet friend Samantha on her wedding day. Unknown to her and the rest of her family - her father would pass later this year from cancer. I loved spending time with him most at the wedding. His sense of humor and his way with people was contagious. What a great man, he will be missed by many. I'm reminded of how many newborns I held and how many seniors I watched grow over these past few years since being in AL. How many mini sessions dates were successful and new families who trusted me to capture their lives.  2016 came with some personal struggles (like, 3 kids, two businesses and a husband kind of struggles.... I mean, I guess everyday REAL struggles... another day, another post..) But when it comes to Sarah Swain Photography - we rocked the year with so much love and laughter I could burst. I have huge plans for 2017... I hope you'll follow me to my next post to learn more about these plans. I'm going to NEED your help. First, I gotta get these kids to bed and I want everyone to enjoy this spam of pictures before I post the future of SSP. 

Hug your loved ones, hold them tight - always kiss them before you say goodbye! 
as for the rest of the time, hire me to capture those moments that mean so much to you :-P