My heart hurts

Every morning I wake up, make coffee, sit down in front of my computer, read the news and cry. Some mornings only a tear or 10, other mornings I'm inconsolable.  Today is one of those mornings. 
I've been following the war in Syria since about 2013 when things really started to catch media headlines. I was so confused why it wasn't being talked about more. I realize now that if it were a neighboring country we probably would have had a few more moments stand out. Instead our biggest head lines over Syria were either babies being washed to shore as families tried to flee or how angry Americans were at the thought of other humans fleeing a country where they would be killed, literally, for not agreeing with their government. The country has been split in two after civilians came together to try and rise against a country controlled by government with extreme rules and tactics (this also including IS, but they being their own denomination). I wish so badly I could say that the latter won, but in this case they are being terminated in a more gruesome way than I think they imagined. It BLOWS MY MIND that the UN hasn't stepped in to stop this massacre. It blows my mind we, the world, are watching a holocaust happen.  It blows my mind that chemicals have been used and a blind eye has been turned. It blows my mind that other humans would rather watch others die, than come to some kind of conclusion. It blows my mind that a leader, Assad, would watch HIS PEOPLE be murdered/raped/executed and still have ANY supporters at all, and ESP from other countries. It blows my mind that America has teamed up with Russia, the very ones who are helping to bomb what's left of Aleppo. I'm scared y'all and you should be, too.  What's happened/happening in Aleppo could happen anywhere. It all began with disagreeing and trying to make a change. It sounds too familiar to me.
I wish I could give more towards ending this than words, but unfortunately that's all I have along with these two websites in which you can donate - Huffington Post + Preemptivelove . I wish it would all end. I want to know they are all at peace and no longer living in fear, heart ache or panic. I want to know they aren't hurting or suffering. I want justice - I want the evil people of this world to be gone, forever. The day the good people of this world become silent to the evil that is happening will be the day evil prevails over all. In Syria - I strongly believe the good attempted to triumph evil. They gave all, literally, that they had - some fleeing from their homes to the unknown world of neighboring countries, some staying behind to fight and some staying because they had no other option. Could you imagine staying in a burning home with your family KNOWING the outcome? That's what I imagine with Aleppo - they are just waiting to be overcome by smoke (or collapsed buildings). They are wondering how they will die... Suffocation? Execution? Gas? As a mother, I would pray my childs death to be quick, I would pray to die with them, please Lord not before them, how terrified they would be. I would beg to walk to heaven together, never alone. 

My heart hurts, I wish it would end. If you pray please pray for Syria and the rest of this corrupt selfish world.