Good morning :)

Let's give blogging a 100th go at it, shall we? There are so many pieces to my puzzle that seem to fit, but bulge out just enough to drive me crazy. So crazy that I'll remove the piece, put it under a book and hope to flatten out the bulge; leaving my puzzle incomplete. I'm so over it! I want this puzzle with 352 bazillion pieces to be full-filled. But then I question myself... what happens when it's done? Then what?... Is that death? Is that peace? Is that happiness? Is that loneliness? Who's in this puzzle? What's the image? Do I really want my puzzle to be finished?..
I've come to realize that the puzzle pieces M.I.A. are my most treasured pieces, more so than the ones that sit perfectly in place. The pieces that have been damaged, bulge, or even the piece without the picture on it's odd shape, those pieces still fit into my puzzle. I need those pieces! In the grand scheme of things, those are the best ones... those are the ones that have been lost and found. They've fallen into the sink full of water, but were pulled out to dry. These pieces were in the hands of toddlers, thrown in the air like rain falling down during an April shower. These pieces, they still fit into the crazy dream of a life said puzzle.  And one day the puzzle will be in order and all put together, but really, as long as I have all of the pieces - even if they're in a bag labeled "LIFE - 352 BAZILLION PIECES" - the puzzle is together.  As long as I enjoy the puzzle and I take from it what it gives me, I'll never stop putting it together. I'll always work on this puzzle and apparently I'll never stop sharing it with the world. <3