Loan, shmloan.

Good Lord have Mercy - I am STILL in the process of buying the dream. What all has happened you ask? Well, everything... Literally, except the loan. 

SO, to answer your "but why" question - remember in my first post, my vulnerability on how I would need 20% down at a minimum? I couldn't figure out a way to achieve the 20% down without, basically, digging my own grave? Remember my goal of 300 mini sessions this year in order to have the down payment? Well, after busting my A Jan-March I started to realize that getting to 300 sessions in a year wasn't likely... The only upside to having the amount I had in my savings, from the sessions I had done, was I could finally put a sun room on the back side of my house. Then I would have a place to sit and meditate after giving up on everything. Or I could go back and visit Amsterdam a few more times.

Amsterdam 2017 I can't write a post without sharing some images <3 

Amsterdam 2017 I can't write a post without sharing some images <3 

Well, although I really still want that sun room - the dream is bigger. After I found the house and realized it was commercial- I headed to the bank! In my mind I would:  print every bank statement known to man   - I would show my proof of income and proof of my 4 years in a salon suite. But, to my surprise, the banker says to be "You sound like you need an SBA loan.." I've heard this before, however, everything I researched made it out like I would still need the 20% down (literally, it's the only thing holding me back). SO, I say to her, "I don't know anything about SBA." Her response, "me either...So let's call a specialist!" I'm not even a little bit excited as she gets on the phone - More than anything I'm thinking - do I really want a new sunroom? Maybe I should just look for a new house... BUT THEN, she puts Josh on speaker and he asks me two simple questions - "do you have a good credit score?" YES! I do! "Do you have any felonies?" NO, I DON'T! He then replies, "well, I don't see why a 7A loan wouldn't work for you!" I question him with "what if I don't have 20% down?" To which he says... "All you need is 10%, we cover the rest." 

SOOOOO- On my way to the bank I prayed. Prayer isn't something I do as much as I once did, but when I do pray I try to really find the words and make it simple. This particular prayer went just like this. "Dear Heavenly Father.... I know I need to give this to you, but I don't want to be because I don't want to be told no, because I really want this and I'm afraid you will say no and so, well, here it is- take it, I'm not saying it again. Amen." Rewind to the night before when Dave and I did the math and I had 15K ready to go! I say to Josh "well, what is 10%??" He then replies, "15K." I squeal, point my finger to the good Lord above - shake my hand with a squint in my eye and respond to Josh "I've got it!" And so the process began... So I thought.... 

Remember when my banker said she didn't know anything about SBA? Well, she wasn't joking. That day I left her office, called my realtor- made an offer and got all of my paper work together. I went back to my bankers office, we filled out everything and we put in for the loan. When getting an SBA loan it can take up to 3 months. So, we made an offer with contingency on this loan and the seller agreed. My closing date should be the 21st of July.....Back up to 2 weeks ago while at my inspection. Angela (my banker) calls me and says "I need an exact amount for the loan." I say to her "What?? I gave that to you a month and a half ago." She says a few things and in that moment I realize that the process has not even begun. I've done everything needed for this house - in my mind we are in a month and a half with only the same amount of time left before I find out my fate! 

Angela apologizes because she thought the same thing, but in reality we did all the paper work incorrectly and I need all of Dave's info, too. (ughhhhhh!!) To sum up the rest because I am so over this story already
:-P - We re-did the paper work, it's being processed as we speak. Hopefully it won't take 3 months to know if I'm approved, but that's the rumor. The inspection went awesome except for the roof- we need a new roof and thankfully the insurance company will be covering that! I picked out shingles yesterday - I asked for a tin roof, but they giggled as they said no :-D. I'm starting to get excited again, but we literally have no idea what will happen with this loan. I've decided that I will continue on with getting a sign created for the studio. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated in the worst case scenario. <3

Favorite image from Amsterdam.&nbsp;

Favorite image from Amsterdam. 

Sarah <3


I once photographed a wedding where, before walking down the isle, the bride sprayed a new perfume on herself proclaiming it to be her wedding day scent. Curious, I asked what brought that about. She then explained that scent is our longest memory and when her husband or she were to smell this scent again, she wanted it to remind them of their wedding day. I can't explain how much I loved this. I immediately ran out and started smelling everything. Magazine perfume ads, Belk counters - smelling through the migraine I gave myself of Bath and Body works... But really, when I smell scented markers I am immediately back in 1st grade at Rockvale Elementary. Coloring a picture on a hardwood desk. Ew, or what about the scent Curve?! OMG - every cute guy I ever crushed on - with their braces and popped collar cross my mind. I want a scent for my girls to remember! I want a scent like the scent my mother had - not the exact one - but the one that jars my memory straight back to her running her fingers through my hair until I fell asleep, Her in the kitchen with shoulder pads and big purple glasses, Her picking me up from school and taking me to work with her. I'm hoping for this to be one of my best years yet and I want to remember it. I want my girls to remember me in this year and the years to come. I want a special scent!